Have you ever wondered where to spend time exploring & learning about yourself, your relating, your sexuality and develop your intimacy with touch skills?
Join us for this Sacred Sexuality empowering exclusive 5 day, trauma and consent informed experience.
💟 Find deep and authentic intimacy & pleasure
💫 Get to know your nervous system and it’s impact on your body mind, pleasure, relationships and life.
⚛️ Expand physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually
💜 Align with your heart and intuition
⚕️Deepen your sensual massage and touch skills, know your touch gifts
🕉️ Heal and soften
🔯 Develop your unique soul-note alignment in this body
Human animals, we are born into this (w)holy body with our divine ability to reach states of ecstasy. Through conscious connections and the senses we can cultivate this capacity to be fully human and fully expanded, empowered and alive.
The skills you will develop include a basic understanding of the nervous system & trauma responses, life-force as sexual energy, sacred sensual touch, conscious and healing touch, the importance of the nervous system, boundaries and consent, the anatomy of male and female arousal, understanding orgasm and pleasure, deep worship of the divine in another being, and ritual space creation and how to apply this knowledge to support you with embodiment practices, home play and self-awareness.
Is this offering is for you?
🕉️ It is if you are seeking to learn for yourself and others, to support love, growth and expansive pleasure.
⚕️If you are already in sexual service wishing for more sacredness.
🌀 If you wish to feel soul energy move through you in this human form.
The essences of Tantra:
* Brief Philosophy and world-view
* Chakra systems and the energetic being
* Embodied practices
* Meditation
* Masculine and Feminine mysteries
Conscious touch essentials:
* Consent and boundaries
* Energetic Awareness
* Intentional touch
* Types of touch
* Full-body massage
* Erotic Massage
* How to serve as a channel of love
* Female and male anatomy of arousal
* Genital massage and healing for all bodies with focus on:
* Lingam massage
* Yoni massage
* Anal & prostate massage (as universal port of healing & pleasure)
Creating a Tantric Touch session:
* Creating the Space
* Being the tantric temple priest/priestess
* Energetic hygiene and boundaries
* Structures, Techniques, flow and integration of sessions
* Connected curious humans of any gender identification and sexual orientation and relational configuration.
* Anyone wishing to enhance their relationships, their understanding of sensual massage and sacred sexual practices.
* Anyone wishing to do Tantra erotic massage & healing sessions.
This training will enable you to deepen in intimacy with partners by opening them and yourself up to tantric healing and spiritual practices.
Used at home, these techniques can enhance your orgasmic potential and lead to deeper connection on all levels of being – sex, heart and spirit.
COUPLES’ GOALS: Reconnect and find lost sparks again or share an experience together, learn more about one another or expand horizons, this training is a beautiful opportunity to come with a partner. You can choose to do the exercises and massages together or alternate with other participants depending on your wishes and desires.
If you are already a practicing massage therapist or erotic masseur, this training will expand your offerings by deepening your understanding of sexual energy and its healing potential, thereby aiding you to develop a more integrated, holistic practice.
This training does not provide a professional qualification. It will provide you with a wealth of skills and knowledge as well as the confidence to hold space for others in whatever environment you choose. In order to offer one-to-one Tantra healing sessions in a professional capacity you will need to further your training.
* This training will involve nudity and erotic touch although you will be asked to only participate within your own personal boundaries.
* This training will involve both giving and receiving sensual massage, with respect to your own personal boundaries.
* Couples can choose to work together or to benefit from working with different bodies for the massage sessions.
* Depending on the gender balance of the group, you may have the opportunity to work with both male and female bodies.
* With registration, you will receive a health & safety form (which will include full disclosure of sexual health) and an agreement form which will be the basis for our creating a container in which everyone can feel safe. Your acceptance to the training will depend on the completion and review of these forms.
The venue offers a beautiful and isolated space for deep journeying and soul work.
There are spaces to retreat and find solitude and warm, lovely group spaces with a fire place and catering facilities.
You will be given details after full payments have been made.
Includes 3 nutritious meals a day prepared lovingly by our highly skilled catering team to support your body and spirit on this training, using the best of local ingredients, naturopathic magic and fresh produce.
Sacred Touch & Intimacy 5 days, 4 nights all inclusive with food, tuition and support, supplies and accommodation July 19 2024:
Twin share room $1750
Single room supplement (limited) +$175
Couples working together $3300
Truples+ working together $1600 each.
Additional day/night practice space, Temple $250.
Although we prefer you stay with us and take this time to fully immerse yourself, if you cannot stay on-site for any reason and are able to travel easily please let us know.
Book and pay by 20 April 2024 for Early bird $50 discount.
Please contact if you wish to discuss payment options.
* Complete the registration form here:
There is an application process to assess if this training is a good match for you. If yes then there will be a $500 deposit to secure your place
Attending is often a growth zone and can feel exciting and a little tremulous. If you feel drawn to this training, it is no accident. I highly recommend that you follow that feeling.
Up to 30 days before the event you can withdraw with full refund minus $50 administration fee.
Within 30 days of the event there is a $150 administration cost fee
Within10 days of the event the $500 deposit is non-refundable and used to cover administration, food & venue outlay.
There are no refunds given after the event has started.
⚜️ HOST: Kim Saama with Victor Hugo dos Santos and a devotional team of Temple Art practitioners.
Kim Saama is a practicing sacred somatic sexological body-worker and lover of life’s mysteries. She has been following her soul to discover the beauty and depth of being in-body (embodied) all her life and offers alongside other passionate international and local facilitators. As an integrative practitioner she includes guidance and teachings of multiple disciplines, including psychology, somatic experiencing, Tantra, CTM, Yoga, Buddhism, energy work and modern mystery schools of the Temple Arts.
“It is my great honor to serve the world soul, source, the divine life force, cosmic wisdom in each of us so we may embody the sacred expression that has chosen to move through our being in this life.
I love sharing transformational journeys of sacred discovery so we may live with greater authenticity, freedom, pleasure – empowered and vibrantly alive”.
Victor Santos
Victor (he/him) is enthusiastic and passionate for life, and has dived deeply into Tantra and the Temple Arts, with a focus on living as an embodied soul. As a facilitator, intuitive healer, tantric bodyworker, and festival organizer. He has committed himself to remember we ARE love, integrated and expressed as masculine and feminine, spirit and matter, mind and body.
Victor lives and loves intuitively, following energy. He appreciates and honors all expressions and holds spaces where curiosity is a path to deeper understanding, compassion, and growth.
He has trained with and assisted with many massage trainings, and offers sensual massage for men and women with technical skill and intuitive touch to help unlock blockages and healing in the body.
Mandy Rose is an Erotic Educator and Certified Somatic Sexologist, who helps people unlock their full pleasure potential and sexual mastery in and out of the bedroom. She believes that the soma (mind, body, spirit connection) is an innate source of wisdom and guidance. That by shifting our focus to the subtleties and nuance within the body is the key to embodied sexual mastery.
Mandy is certified in Sexological Bodywork from the Institute of Somatic Sexology. She also draws on her vast knowledge and lived experience in Tantra and the ancient Temple Arts, modern-day Mystery Schools, various bodywork modalities including traditional therapeutic Thai massage, authentic movement, yoga and meditative practices to guide and support others on their journey.
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