Time and costs may vary depending on what you wish to explore together.

First session 90min minimum.

  • Rates start at $280 per hour then $100 every consecutive 1/2 hour.
  • Online coaching and guidance with Somatic Mindful Immersion & integrative therapeutic modalities related to any personal development, soul seeking, sexuality, intimacy and trauma is $150 for 60 and $200 for 90 minutes. Recommended minimum 5 sessions.
  • Ask about offsite, overnight, intensives & packages.
  • YONI MAPPING and SACRED TOUCH HEALING over 2 sessions. Part 1 is 90min coaching, Part 2 is 2hr touch session.
  • TOUCH with FOUR HANDS, 2 practitioners, is double

Male Bodies

Do you want to feel extraordinary lasting pleasure and ecstatic states? Heal sexual issues you feel are in your way? Learn to last longer and give exquisitely?

Female Bodies

r birthright is to feel safe and enjoy our bodies. With healing and pleasure sessions learn to expand and explore your unique sexually empowered self.


Tantra has gifts of deep authentic connection and ecstatic sexuality for all through sessions, events and workshops.


Reach new levels of intimacy and connection, pleasure and fun with Tantra practices, embodied counselling tools and sexual exploration for couples of all orientations.

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