Why is Pleasure Sacred?

Pleasure Heals

Pleasure is a gateway to emotional and spiritual fluency. It makes us aware of things we were not aware of before, alters our blood chemistry, enhances brain function and opens new possibilities in all areas of life. The gift of loving touch heals body, heart and soul by bringing us a taste of love, both divine and personal. Sacred refers to something regarded with great respect and reverence.

How to Connect to Sacred Pleasure through Touch?

In order to dive into pleasure, we need the safety of choice and clarity. Choice and clarity must be valued in every interaction – what is being offered and received, by whom, and what is not.

Know yourself and what is happening for you at each moment. Set clear limits, empower the choice of the receiver by asking what is useful and desired and what is not, guiding the making of agreements, staying clear in erotically charged states, and effectively meeting the needs of the client.

Skills of Touch

The primary factors in the quality of touch are respect, care and attention to perception. These are more important than any technique or method. Learn respect by learning consent skills, and learn care and attention by attending to the sensation in your hands, which makes your touch present, relaxed, intuitive, and when appropriate, sensual.

Inner Resources

Compassion, presence, heart, vitality, hope. These are inherent in every person, and are nurtured through grace and conscious practice. Through experiences we can nurture and deepen these gifts of the spirit.

Grounded emotional and erotic fluency is the foundation upon which we offer healing to others. The more grounded you are in your own physicality, especially the emotional and sexual, the more depth and wisdom you have to offer others. It’s not the doing of encounter – it’s the being. No amount of skill in a modality, be it tantric ritual or bodywork, can substitute for this.

Thanks for the writings on philosophy and work of Betty Martin and the Wheel of Consent of https://bettymartin.org/

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