Are You Ready For Next Level Sensual Experiences? Do You Want To Live To Your Sexual Potential? It’s Great To Find Out What Kind Of Sessions Suits You – Here Are Some Ideas…

Receive – Expand – Heal – Learn -Empower

Tap into erotic innocence and receive full body sensual and tantra touch sessions and coaching for energy expanding sexual mastery.

Session support to heal and master your sexuality. From ejaculation control, erectile dysfunction, porn addiction and inability to connect to your own sensation or be aroused by your partner.

Learn to include all of yourself in your intimacy so that your alignment becomes a source of powerful, skillful connection.

Learn more about Female Sexuality . Lets talk about what you want to know.

Masculine Empowerment . Enter into connection with the polarities of masculine / feminine and how they influence our sexual encounters and relationships.

Increase your Personal Power in relationship with self and others. Including empowered expression, know and express your emotions

Packages available Learn about your own sexuality and liberate your sexual being or learn about the anatomy of a woman, how to please a woman, yoni massage (female genital massage), and love making.

Surrogacy . Surrogacy means replacement. There are many possibilities to explore. If you find that you are looking for something more in your relating you can practice with a surrogate to try things out, ask direct questions, explore different ways of being and presenting yourself. This can cover dinner dates, cuddles, nurturing, holding, increasing confidence to meet someone in easeful, relaxed intimacy.

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