“My partner and I had the total pleasure of attending Sacred Touch and Tantra in March 2021.
As I am sure most of the people attending were unsure of what to expect but wow it exceeded
all of our expectations. It was exceptional how Kim held such a safe and nurturing space
allowing everyone to experience what it was each and everyone of us needed or expected …or
potentially what we had no idea what that was. At no time did I feel uncomfortable/unsafe or
that I had no control or say, to be honest quite the opposite – it was liberating and very
enlightening. Whatever your concerns or hopes may be Kim will put you at ease listen and
respect who you are and what it is you need. It is the unexpected that makes this experience
so beautiful…….do it …it may be the best weekend you spend. Take this time to connect to
another part of your being that you had no idea was available to you and your life journey”.

Sally & Grant

Couple, 50’s

‘Kim is a true and loving tantra practitioner and after a session with her I find my joy of
life is heightened. She has a beautiful presence, at once serene, strong and loving. While
Kim’s exquisite and gentle touch is a constant in each session, they are otherwise unique,
guided by her powerful feminine intuition and caring nature. When I am in Kim’s hands I find
it hard not to be in the moment, such is the whole body sensation, pleasure and surrender. I
appreciate the help Kim’s work provides in being in tune with myself, others and life.’


Men, 57 yrs

Spending 3 intense heart-opening days together full of healing, connecting and really seeing
each other, I put this down as one of the best experiences I have had. Kim’s level of
knowledge and her open, loving heart deeply resonated with me and for Jacobus, he admired
how well structured the course was and the next-level professionalism that was held.

Laura Jane Surrich

Female, 30’s

“Working with Kim changed my understanding of touch within a long term relationship. It put
back the energy that I first had when I first met my awesome husband. It taught me that we
must make time to spend intimately if we wish to experience the depth of love that we share,
both as individuals, a couple and as a family. The days spent with Kim have been invaluable
to me as a woman & as a lover. I wish I had known all this wisdom as a younger woman. I feel
the knowledge I took away is essential to having a fulfilling and successful relationship
both with myself and with my partner.”


Couple, 15 years together

“I came to Kim at a dark point in my life. I was deeply unhappy about almost everything about
me. I have had shame about my body since I was a teenager and it had affected the few
relationships I have had. It took a few sessions for me to open up and trust Kim. She has
allowed me to feel comfortable about who I am for the first time in a long time. I can
finally look in the mirror and be accepting of who I am. I must have learnt more in one of
our sessions about the female body and my own than I have learnt in my entire life. The one
regret I have had with Kim is that I didn’t find her years ago. I am truly grateful for


Coaching & Surrogacy, 41yr old male

“It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed our time together so much as I’m currently trying
to learn more about tantra and the powers of recovery it holds. You’ve opened my eyes to a
whole new world and so far I’m really enjoying the things you’ve taught me”.


Male, 40 yrs

I had an amazing session, which allowed me to be cracked open with love! Her presence and
gentleness were felt from the beginning which help me fully relax. The session flowed
beautifully and went to different places as the energy shifted. I felt safe and trusted her,
which allowed me to surrender to my body and emotions, which lead to emotional release. I
was held and seen which allowed me be vulnerable. Kim’s devotion to what she does was truly
felt and seen through the preparation for our session and thoughtfulness to the detail. She
has created a sacred space full of love and energy.


Male, 38 yrs

“The experience and the journey that Kim has taken me through was both soul and mind opening.
She is a kind and gentle soul that makes me feel at ease. This allowed me to be able to be
open and honest without the fear of judgement. If you are looking to be more in touch with
yourself internally, I highly recommend Kim to allow her to guide you through that journey.”


Male, 27 yrs
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