Sacred Symbol of the Triskele

As this year cycles over to the New Year the symbol it feels like the spiral of cycles, the Triskele, that symbolizes Sacred Being is turning.

Triskele holds the sacred geometry of 3 and the interconnected infinity spiral.

It encompasses the concept of life, death, and rebirth. Each spiral within the symbol represents an essential element of the eternal cycle:

  • The Cycle of Life: encompassing life, death, and rebirth.
  • Represents the three worlds: heaven, earth, and underworld.
  • The Elements: earth, water, and sky, believed to constitute the world.
  • Triple Goddess: maiden, mother, crone
  • Physical, mental, spiritual.

The interconnected spirals are symbols of the inter-related nature of all things and the cyclical nature. The spiral also represents energy in motion – and Tantra relates to states of expanded energy.

And also is the personal connection to the Celtic symbol in my life, the magik of three’s and my heritage.

Blessings and love for this spiralling.

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