My personal journey

I experience this life as a source of beauty and mystery.  It is my passion to understand how to come fully and vibrantly alive. 

My great joy is to share this with others. 

Exploring Tantra and healing my own sexuality has allowed me expand and feel the sacred divinity of  life – to live in the magic of authentic free self expression and deep connection to self and other.

I started my enquiry with a degree in Education Psychology and have moved down into the body with qualifications in massage, Tantra, embodied counselling, somatic sexology and international trainings in esoteric wisdom and sacred sexuality.

I use clear communication, boundary setting, touch, energy expansion, breathwork, somatic (bodymind) practices to activate your ability to feel and master yourself. I integrate these skills to support you to expand as you move toward more of the life you want.

Come and experience the acceptance and loving presence that are the foundations for transformation. I work consciously and intuitively, and emphasize integrity, freedom and empowerment.