feel more fully alive?

Sacred Touch,Tantra ...and more

Experience deep connection

Expand in-body ecstasy

Master erotic states

 Learn to give & receive pleasure

Increase your sexual arousal & sensation

Explore consent, boundaries & desire

Heal in a safe space with a knowledgeable practitioner

Enjoy more power, joy & freedom in your life

“You deserve to feel your natural vibrancy, be empowered, share deep intimacy, surrender into blissful states, heal sexually and holistically, find your embodied eros and erotic innocence and be held in a beautiful sacred space” 

Kim Saama (Sex & Intimacy Coach, Tantra & Sacred Sexuality Practitioner, Group Event Organiser & Facilitator)


True and loving tantra. After a session I find my joy of life is heightened. Such a beautiful presence and exquisite gentle touch. Each session is unique, guided by her powerful feminine intuition and caring nature. In these hands it is hard not to be in the moment, such is the whole body sensation, pleasure and surrender – David

I cracked open with love! Her presence and gentleness help me fully release into safety and trust so that when the energy shifts I can surrender to my emotions and be vulnerable. The devotion to what she does creates a sacred space full of love and energy – Glenn

I feel extremely blessed and excited to be walking along side such a wise and beautiful soul – one who is gently showing me that I can indeed learn to love myself and that its never too late – Teresa

Setting mutual boundaries ensured I was getting what I wanted out of the session. She put me at ease and took it slowly. The session was exactly what I was looking for and provided me with a deep sense of connection and sacredness – Michael

The workshop was invaluable to me as a woman & as a lover. We wish to experience the depth of love that we share and I feel that the knowledge I took away is essential to having a fulfilling and successful relationship both with myself and with my partner – Claire